JCYC Snack Duty

On pathshala day, after class a light lunch is served to the pathshala students and others present at the Jain Center. A group of families collaborate to organize the lunch for the community. It is mandatory, for each family with children in the Pathshala program, to provide service by participating in snack duty on one pathshala day each year. The participating families are responsible for managing the lunch event, from sponsoring and preparing the lunch as well as serving it, to setting up the lunch area and cleaning up at the end.

Parents are required to select and commit to one pathshala day for snack duty at the time of registering their child. You may collaborate with your friends to select the same date so you can be part of that group, or else pick up a date which fits your schedule. If you have any queries, please contact the Snack Coordinator - Ritesh Desai at [email protected]. The lunch is made following all Jain dietary requirements, taking into consideration children's food preferences.

Some groups prefer to prepare food at the Jain Center, while some prefer to get it catered. Over recent years, JCSC management has arranged for the preparation of the meal so the participating families simply have to sponsor the meal and manage the set up, serving and clean up process.

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