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With over 400 students, running the pathshala program is akin to running a small school. The entire program is run through the efforts of diligent and enterprising volunteers. We ask our parents and community members to volunteer and support us as we continue to run and grow the program. We are always looking for cheerful and considerate members that want to contribute, collaborate and have some fun along the way.

We are currently looking for additional volunteers in the following areas:

  • Religion Teachers
  • Gujarati Teachers
  • Hindi Teachers
  • Sutra Teachers

The role of the teachers is one of the most important positions in the pathshala program. This position requires dedicated individuals who are willing to commit at least three to five hours per week outside of Pathshala class times for curriculum planning and updating, communication with parents and students, and meeting with their team for curriculum alignment. Pathshala teachers must be able to set a good example, be polite, and have the ability to work with students. The individual must have strong communication skills, be able to articulate ideas in a manner that the children can understand. We are looking for teachers that can engage young minds and encourage them to participate in discussions. In addition, the teacher will be required to enforce good conduct and behavior, punctuality, and discipline. Prior teaching experience is considered a plus. The teacher should be committed to the practice of Jain principles in their personal life. The teacher is also committing to teach for the full year each year and must attend classes and complete their responsibilities.

Administrative Support

  • Traffic management (9:00 am onwards on pathshala days)
  • Website content management
    • If you are able to take some time on non-pathshala days to help us with administrative tasks, there are many areas we can use your help. If you know graphic design,or have other talent and skills that you feel can be helpful in running any aspect of the pathshala program, please let us know. We welcome new ideas and talent.
  • Event organization and management (we hold many events over the course of the year for the pathshala community)
    • If you able to provide support with communication, organization, coordination and simply rolling up your sleeves and helping on the day of the event, please let us know.

Community members interested in applying for the above positions are invited to complete an application form here by using following link: There will be an interview process.

Volunteer Interest for JCYC (google.com)

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